Packet Radio Resources

The Martin County Amateur Radio Association and Martin County ARES/RACES have adopted Winlink Express (formerly RMS Express) as the primary application for use with our Packet Radio resources.

This page is a central location for information about packet radio in general and about packet radio resources available in Southeast Florida.  

General Resources

What is Winlink?

Learning RMS Express - Part 1   Learning RMS Express - Part 2   Learning RMS Express - Part 3

How to Use Forms in RMS Express

Click on the following link to be redirected to the Winlink Downloads page:

Clicking the link will display a list of several files available for download from Winlink.  There are two files of interest to the beginning Winlink user.  The first is a document titled [README_Software_Install_Instructions.txt].  Clicking on this file will cause it to be displayed in your web browser.  Once you have read the document, press the Back button on your browser to return to the file list.  The other file of interest contains the latest Winlink Express software.  This is the file beginning with Winlink_Express_install.  Click on the link to download the file into your computer for installation.

The following link displays a map containing both APRS stations and active Winlink RMS stations in real time:

Local Resources

To download a document, click on the adjacent link

Installing Winlink Express   PDF

Winlink Email Primer   PDF

Southeast Florida Packet Resources

 Martin County Area Winlink Radio Message Servers (RMS)  
 Frequency  Baud   Callsign   Operator  Grid Square  Location  Antenna
 145.730 MHz  1200  WX4MC-10  MC ARES   EL97VD21   Martin County Bunker  320 FT
 145.730 MHz  1200  WX4MC-11  MC ARES  EL97VE01  Martin County EOC  50 FT
 145.730 MHz  1200  K4GMW-10  K4GMW  EL97VG11  Jensen Beach
 20 FT
 145.730 MHz  1200  W4SPR-10  W4SPR  EL97UB87  Southwest Stuart  50 FT


 Palm Beach County Area Winlink Radio Message Servers (RMS)  
 Frequency  Baud   Callsign   Operator  Grid Square  Location  Antenna
 145.030 MHz  1200  WB4MOZ-10  PBPG   EL96VP29  Wellington  50 FT
 145.030 MHz  1200  K4PKT-4  PBPG  EL96VT04  Palm Beach Gardens  320 FT
 145.630 MHz  9600  K4PKT-4  PBPG  EL96VT04  Palm Beach Gardens
 320 FT

 Indian River County Area Winlink Radio Message Servers (RMS)  
 Frequency  Baud   Callsign   Operator  Grid Square  Location  Antenna
 145.530 MHz  1200  KA1VRF-10  KA1VRF  EL97TN  Vero Beach
 50 FT
 145.910 MHz  1200  N1QJ-10  N1QJ  EL96TS  Wabasso Beach  35 FT

 St. Lucie County Area Winlink Radio Message Servers (RMS)  
 Frequency  Baud   Callsign   Operator  Grid Square  Location  Antenna
 145.530 MHz  1200  W4SLC-10  SLC ARES
 EL97SI55AX  St. Lucie County EOC
 50 FT

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