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Any person interested in reporting weather phenomena is welcome to join Martin County SKYWARN. You need not hold any sort of license, you do NOT need to be a member of MCARA or Martin County ARES. You must have some free training from the National Weather Service. Many "spotters" do have Amateur Radio licenses and the activities sort of complement each other well as "hams" have more than just a cell phone to communicate potentially urgent weather information to our local weather bureau.

Check our Events calendar for the next FREE SKYWARN class in Martin County.

Martin County SKYWARN has:
  • no dues
  • no costs (other than incidental , E.G. transportation, optional logo items, etc)
  • free training provided for official "spotters"
  • lots of gratifying moments when you help fill in the missing data or warn of weather events.
  • Tools required is your willingness to observe and report severe weather with your eyes and ears.
Contact Ron Tagg or Ray Jaworski to find out how to join SKYWARN or come to a meeting to find out more. We look forward to seeing you soon.


SKYWARN Meetings or
Martin County SKYWARN meetings are by convention called "Wingdings". These are informal meetings where a variety of topics are discussed and many slices of pie are consumed. Our Wingding info is here.

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