Hurricane Michael Devastates Florida Panhandle

21 Nov 2018 08:19 | Steve Sprayberry (Administrator)

Hurricane Michael 1740zOn October 10th, 2018 Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach in the Florida panhandle with wind-speeds measured at 155 mph.  It was the strongest storm on record to strike the Florida panhandle, and was responsible for at least 45 deaths in the United States, and an estimated $15 billion dollars in damages.

ARES groups from around the state were deployed to provide emergency communications for local and state government, and the American Red Cross.  Our own Dave Morris, K4AW assumed the role of American Red Cross Communications Manager for Hurricane Michael DR 748-19.  He finally returned home to Stuart on Wednesday, October 31st, after a three-week deployment.  Dave issued the following letter of thanks on behalf of the American Red Cross:
Dave K4AW and Governor Scott
"I wish to acknowledge and congratulate each of you and the many amateurs who manned the stations at the Red Cross shelters and District Operations during Hurricane Michael. As the Amateur Radio leadership team on DR 748-19 I hope you will pass along to your associates our heartfelt appreciation for an outstanding job. The professionalism and dedication by each operator was truly inspiring.

"I wish to give special recognition to Sal Martocci, K4YFW, who was by my side throughout the first three weeks. He has become the voice of the American Red Cross in North Florida. Special thanks to Randy Pierce, AG4UU, whose vision and hard work in support of Florida
SARNET demonstrated what a phenomenal emergency communications system we are so fortunate to have in our state, and to Pat Lightcap, K4NRD who tirelessly served as Net Control for more hours than one can imagine.

"Special recognition to Karl Martin, KG4HBN, who pulled the ARES team together and maintained a full staff at all locations throughout the entire critical period.

"Beside SARNET we were fortunate to have the North Florida ARES net on 80 meters run by Terry Webb, N0TW, and Paul Eakin, KJ4G. With the 80 meter net we had virtually 100% coverage. Their team provided a much needed service day and night.

"Supporting this outstanding leadership team were a group of phenomenal amateur operators who are the unsung heroes spending countless hours in the field to help alleviate human suffering. On behalf of the American Red Cross we hope you will give your team the recognition they richly deserve and express our sincere appreciation.


"God bless each of you." -- David Morris, K4AW, Communications Manager, October 10 - 31, 2018, Hurricane Michael DR 748-19, American Red Cross, Tallahassee, Florida.

Well done Dave!  Thank you, once again, for your tireless service!

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