PRESS RELEASE (PDF) 07 June, 2010

On 19-20th of June 2010, the Martin County Amateur Radio Association will host a special event station celebrating the 150th anniversary of the US Army Signal Corps at Camp Murphy, Florida. If you would like to help promote the event you may download a PDF handbill for the special event which may be printed for distribution. Radio Amateurs and others who would like to operate or help in the event are invited to fill out the Special Event Participation Survey to help with logistics planning.

Radar Tower at Camp Murphy, FLA in 1942 

Operations should be mainly on the 40 meter band around 7260KHz and on the 20 meter band around 14260KHz from 1400 UTC to 2030UTC (1000 EDT-430PM EDT). All HF Bands will be active for CW, SSB, and some digital modes. The station will be located near the bunker at Hobe Mountain Tower in Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Hobe Sound, FL.


The event station will use the club call sign K4ZK, Camp Murphy. Stations who contact the special event stations can get a Suitable for framing commemorative certificate and QSL card by sending us a written log of their contacts.


The goal of the operation is to contact as many other Radio Amateur stations as possible during the two day event increasing awareness of the historic contributions made by our troops and citizens. Guests are welcome to stop by and even grab a microphone to get on the air. The first day of the event coincides with "Kid's Day" so please feel free to bring youngsters and oldsters alike to visit with us. Park admission fees do apply at $4.00 per car or $6.00 per vehicle with 2-8 people.


About Camp Murphy


At the beginning of WWII the Signal Corps transferred all aircraft warning training to the Southern Signal Corps School at Camp Murphy, Florida, the camp was built in record time (about 4 months) and was home to thousands of troops. Among others, Colonel David Sarnoff (Radio/TV pioneer, President of RCA and NBC) was present at the camp dedication ceremonies which were broadcast over a State-wide radio network. Here is a flash based presentation covering the History of Camp Murphy.This is slightly more than the single line afforded in the offical Signal Corps History book titled "Getting the Word Out". We also have an unabridged History of Camp Murphy as listed in the camp record book. Some of the lack of documentation on Camp Murphy may be attributed to the clandestine nature of the camp itself; which has areas off-limits to the public even today.   The site of Camp Murphy was selected by Major James W. Green, assisted by Martin County engineer John A. Stafford.

Camp Murphy Florida in 1942

Camp Murphy was named after Colonel William H. Murphy who was once head of the Fort Monmouth Signal Corps Laboratory and one of the first Signal Corps casualties of WWII.


Camp Murphy is now known as Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, Florida. When activated the camp had 854 officers and 5,752 enlisted men stationed at the post. 



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