Bob Calvert, K4NBC Memorial 09 March, 2013

21 Feb 2013 08:58 | Anonymous
Bob Calvert K4NBC (SK) Memorial
Via JTRG: 
"Robert J. Calvert, 59, of Indiantown, Florida who was a legend to those that knew him as “BOB”, died December 14, 2012 in a Highway 710 accident a mile from home.

Bob was born on April 8, 1953 in Cincinnati Ohio. He is survived by his sister Karen Alessio and her husband Joe, niece Amanda Alessio Sauve, and nephew Eric Alessio, all from West Nyack, NY. Bob was the stepson and best friend of Florence Bowen, affectionately known as Micki, of Sunrise, Florida. They, like anyone who was close to Bob, will miss him dearly. After High School he continued his education through various technical training programs and was most proud of his FAA Airframe & Engine Power Plant Certification, giving him the authority to get his Bell (Jet ranger) OH-58-C, purchased from the Charleston County Sheriffs Office airborne.

Bob moved to Florida in 1972 and lived with his father Ronald Calvert and wife Micki at the Sunrise home before relocating to the remote area of Indiantown Florida, where he built a Stilt home and remained until his passing. He loved nature and could be found feeding his favorite pigeons, raccoons, turkeys, deer and bobcats. Bob was known for his enthusiasm for life and addiction to Ham Radio and K4NBC call sign. On the 11 acre homestead Bob built an assortment of dwellings and was most proud of his 300 foot Ham Radio Tower that permitted him to communicate all over the world. Fluent in Spanish, Bob had many followers throughout South and Central America. Bob was full of stories from his time as a freelance Investigative Journalist and professional photographer, developing stories for Hard Copy, Inside Edition, A Current Affair, The National Inquirer and national Broadcasting companies that include ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC. His visual media was shown on Prime Time in the William Kennedy Smith and O.J. Simpson cases. He was an insider with celebrities that include the Kennedy Clan, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds. The list of stories is as long as his trove of film clips is deep, because Bob was at the center of nationally syndicated news events. Bob was always looking for action and found one such opportunity during Desert Storm by covering in-country war events for broadcasters for months.

An expert at electronics, communication systems and photography, Bob was quick to respond to neighbors in times of need. As neighbor Buck puts it, Bob was quick to call for “back up” at the first sign of suspicious activity. He enjoyed his trips to New York, where he spent quality time with family. In September he used his photographic genius to take photos and videos at niece Amanda’s wedding. After touring his childhood neighborhood, taking pictures and videos he could be found climbing a tower for friends and colleagues for one more favorite picture. When it was time to return to Florida he collected an assortment of NY goodies, Pizza, Italian food, bread, and sweets to bring back to his friends.

He was simple Bob to us, with his own peculiarities, and those that knew him realize they broke the mold when our Bob Calvert was born. He was a unique friend that led an amazing and interesting life. Bob documented historical and high profile events that were titillating to the average viewer and we all have our favorites to share at Bob’s Lifetime Memorial Service on property at 23701 SW Cardamine Street in Indiantown, FL 34956-4020 on Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, hosted by his family and friends. Please extend the invite to Bob’s friends and make an RSVP for food and beverage purposes.

RSVP – Gary J. Mc Daniel aka “Bob’s private investigator” at 1-888-579-3639 / 561-845-1414 for directions. To those afar and ca not make the visit – forward your best Bob’s story and condolences, by or to Gary J. Mc Daniel, P.O. Box 14613, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408 and once on your way, call Gary for directions at Mobile 561-718-3830."

Note from Bill, N4BKT: Bob was a MCARA member and though not active with the group in recent years, he was always a friendly and helpful fellow to all- the Amateur Radio fraternity is poorer for his passing. 73 OM- we miss you.

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